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The 10 Secrets Behind Curating a Fashionable Instagram Feed

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Nothing comes easy. Every single work of art that inspires you is indeed a reflection of an aesthetic observer who has done his or her job with many careful considerations. The same goes for your Instagram feed too. Listed below are some ways that can get you some fantastic results.

1.    Observe the surrounding and go for natural lighting that gives the picture a realistic view.

2.    Background plays an important role, though many may brush aside this idea. Make sure that the environment provides a balance for the subject on focus.

3.    Using filters and editing apps will surely get you more response.

4.    Try to follow your instinct rather than going by the norms of the current trends. Variety and creativity are the words to redefine patterns.

5.    Be receptive and willing to explore and learn new things – be it a new theme or the techniques you want to apply.

6.    Sometimes even while posting selfies you would not have missed out the fact that there is a strong focus on another object too. For example, it could a statement ring or even a handbag. Get hold of one of these fashion statements from

7.    Go for a theme that is a stamp of you and only you.

8.    A smooth dispersal of various aspects like nature, pieces of art and inclusion of selfies is the right mix that will break the monotony of the feed.

9.    A right tagline always helps in getting the follower connected to the picture.

10.    Choose colors that are in contrast. Lighter and darker shades that go well with each other should be an immediate hit.

Timing is also a significant aspect that you need to consider. With people, craving for a break with just a look at their smart gadgets, make sure that the posting of the feed is timed well too.…

Top 10 Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

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An innovation that is going to immensely benefit many people in the future, is driverless cars. Many automobile giants are in play experimenting prototypes of driverless cars. Seen as a great breakthrough in the industry, there is no doubt that it is a welcome change for many people. However, many would agree to this, as there are many apprehensions that are associated with it. Here is listed some benefits of self-driving cars:

  1. Since vehicles can communicate with each other using sensors, you would be able to reach your destination in the quickest possible mode.
  2. Safety is one of the greatest aspects of self-driven cars. No mishaps can occur.
  3. It ensures your mental health too with no intervention from your end to go through traffic jam experiences which you have control of.
  4. The world becomes a better place with great control of emissions, thereby reducing the pollution levels.
  5. It gives you ample time to do your work on the go.
  6. It is a real boon for people with physical disabilities. They do not have to depend on any other person to reach their destination.
  7.  The sensors enabled in these cars pretty much adapt to the roads with its increased perception and manipulation of the vehicle making your riding experience a pleasant one.
  8. Travel speed can be increased with increased safety as the sensors are able to judge the spacing between the vehicles on the road.
  9. It would be a real boon to office goers who have to park their vehicle in any other place. The technology ensures that the vehicle reaches the parking lot by itself through the control of your device.
  10. Being a personalized possession, it makes that your car is safe from risks like theft.

Listed above are some of the future technologies, but some of the current innovations can blow your mind. Traveling long distances can be a made a pleasant experience with inventions like CargoCarrierBox with the ample storage options for your car. …

Tips Using Technology To Get Your Health And Fitness Resolution To Stick This Year

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Taking control of the weight and getting fitter is on the resolution lists of most people. But this is also one of the most ignored resolutions. So if you have also taken a resolution this year to get fit and be active here are some ways in which you can use tech to help you –

There is no one size that fits all

Not all of the diet plans that are popular around the world might work for you. So if you stumble upon a diet that few claims to be a magic cure for weight loss and nothing works for you, do not get demotivated. The internet has plenty of information from vital reds reviews to review products that are used every day. Not all of these reviews might be genuine and you might not be able to judge various products without any experience. So before you give up make sure that you try some other diet plans and stick with your weight goals.

Use tech to create a reward system

You can easily set milestones in your fitness journey to be able to tackle your goal little by little. Then if you find yourself sticking with your plan for a considerably long duration reward yourself. You can also have a list of cheat food items that you can binge even when you have a strict diet routine. Make sure that you work out a little extra to make up for that.

Buy a fitness-friendly gift for yourself

When you decide to buy yourself a gift or if someone else is buying you a gift choose a fitness gadget of your choice. There are plenty of gadgets designed for specific sports and workout routines. Buying a relevant one makes your workouts even more fun. This can also be a motivational factor to help you stick with your fitness resolutions. …